Where are the videos?

We just officially launched the site recently, so some content is still being developed. We are initially concentrating on blog content and will start posting videos in a few months.  Please send us an email if you see anything broken.  Thanks!

Is the site associated with any company?

No, this site is a private project and is independent of any company. The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of anyone's employer.

When is the SIS training going to be available?

We expect to have the SIS training available later this year. In the interim we will be providing some free videos for selected SIS topics.

Do you provide classroom training?

No, we do not provide classroom training.  All training is online.

Do you provide consulting or engineering services?

No, this site is intended for information, education, and collaboration. All information, advice, and recommendations herein are provided "as-is" with absolutely no warranty, express or implied.  Consult a qualified professional engineer for your specific situation.

Why are there ads?

The ads help to defer the cost of maintaining the website. The ads are carefully chosen to be relevant and non-intrusive. Our affiliate partners help make this site possible, and they appreciate your support.